About Me

I have been a lover of animals and horse riding since the age of four. What my parents thought would simply be a hobby, turned into a sport which became my entire life and true passion.

What I do

In 2013 I graduated with a Masters in Chiropractic from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic.

Following this, I moved to Brighton and worked a number of years in family practice. This gave me so much experience. It has always been a dream of mine to have animals involved in my career and being able to help and care for them through chiropractic has made this possible. This saw me head off to Germany to complete and graduate a post-grad certification in Veterinary Chiropractic.

I successfully began my animal practice in Sussex upon my return. In March 2017 I moved to Glasgow with my boyfriend and our chocolate Labrador, Hudson (the other love of my life). It has been since then I have divided my time in multiple places.

Travelling to and from Scotland, I return to Sussex for several days every month to serve my animal clients. Dividing my time between human practice in my clinic in Scotland and checking animals in between.

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